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Oracle Database Services
Going for an upgrade? or Looking for someone to help setting up a new oracle database or Oracle Real Application Clusters for your mission critical production data? You can use the StaffCube expertise in any oracle technology. Be it a feasibility study for right oracle technology stack for your enterprise or choosing a new database/application for your organization. Ask StaffCube for help

Oracle Software Licensing
Oracle Licensing is a complex data model with numerous permutations and combinations. Donít end up paying millions of dollars for the database fancy features you would never need or not use.. StaffCube Licensing Services will provide an expert advise to choose the right components to maximize your investment in Oracle Technology.

Oracle E-Business Suite
Whether you are looking for a Technical Expert for your Oracle EBusiness Suite for Architectural Planning or a Functional Expert to implement a critical business function in Oracle EBusiness Suite. Our expert functional, technical and techno functional consultants can help you to clearly establish your goals and for smoother implementations.

Remote DBA and Database Support
StaffCube managed services enabled customers to maintain complex Oracle-based environments effectively. Your database environment is monitored 24*7 by our database engineers allowing spending precious time and money in organizational activities.

Database Upgrades/Migrations:
Trouble free upgrades and migrations for Oracle Database. StaffCube experts can help you in identifying the right migration methodology customized to your database uptime and Service Leven Agreement needs. Contact StaffCube for an expert analysis for database upgrade.

Oracle Performance Tuning!
Oracle Performance Tuning is complex art & science and definitely a not trail & error for skydivers. StaffCube's real world experience from the few of the biggest and busiest databases in the world will benefit you to do the right things at first time. Proven track record on a scientific method will help your database to perform always at its peak.